The IBM Insight Conference held October 25–29 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas was anticipated to be enlightening on many levels, and delivered on its promise. Championing the theme “Lead in the Insight Economy,” the principal focus of the event was the strides IBM has made in cognitive technology.

With data and analytics fueling momentum, the new economy built on Insight is taking hold. Those companies positioned to take full advantage of this new Insight will be the ones to prosper and sustain growth. We’re proud to have had a hand in moving this mission forward at the Conference. Chuck Paolillo, our CTO, and Brad Askew, our Director of Partner Development & Worldwide Channels. We were pleased to have Amar Rao, VP of Marketing for Biarca, our technology partner, present at our booth for the duration of the Conference.

The new Insight economy promises dramatic changes in servicing customers, and in challenging the competition. Corralling insight from data is and will be key in establishing new business models, setting new standards, and capitalizing on new revenue opportunities.

Brad Askew and Chuck Paolillo from SIAS. Amar Rao from Biarca.Brad Askew and Chuck Paolillo from SIAS. Amar Rao from Biarca.

The Conference offered something for everyone, and at every level of industry involvement. From how to transform your industry in the new Insight economy and tools on empowering business to maximize speed and efficiencies to accomplish goals, to reinventing your business by providing cutting-edge services in the new marketplace, attendees were treated to an array of ideas and information to enhance productivity in the new data-driven Insight marketplace.

IBM Insight was more than insightful; it was entertaining and evocative as well. One session featured IBM’s robot, Pepper, which is supported by IBM Watson, the groundbreaking innovation in cognitive technology that sparred with humans on “Jeopardy” — and won! Actor and director Ron Howard made an appearance.

IBM Insight attracted over 14,000 attendees over the four-day Conference period. Once again SIAS achieved great success, thanks to the efforts of all who pitched in to make the show an important and memorable one.