Our last two blog posts have focused on the cost and scalability benefits of using the cloud for test and development initiatives. Today, we are looking at the advantages of leveraging the cloud for standardizing the test and development process.

Development teams are often on tight deadlines to complete a project. With any process that is rushed, control can be lost and errors can occur. And, to further complicate things, often test and development teams are not all in one location – making coordination and standardization difficult.

Standardization of any process is known to save time. It is no different for test and development processes. Using a cloud environment for test and development, standardization becomes much easier. In the cloud, everyone is working with the same tools, sharing the same information, can see what other team members are doing, and keep the process moving along smoothly. With a shared cloud environment, communications and collaboration of the developers, testing teams and other stakeholders is significantly enhanced. It can also shorten the test and development cycle, eliminate frustration due to redundancies and errors and result in a higher quality product and a quicker time to market.

Based on these benefits, it is only logical to move your next test and development project to the cloud!