The 17th International Cloud Computing Expo held November 3-5 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, brought the concept of cloud computing down to earth for many of the more than 2,000 attendees. A lot of ground was covered at the three-day event, with topics ranging from the benefits of could computing and harnessing big data, to analytics and the Internet of Things.

We logged over 17 hours of boot time at Cloud Expo West. Brad Askew, our Director of Partner Development & Worldwide Channels, manned our booth, with the assistance of Amar Rao, VP of Marketing for Biarca, our technology partner.

Mr. Askew gave a presentation entitled “The Benefits of IBM Power in the Cloud.” With cloud computing virtually essential for any enterprise eager to harness big data and stay competitive, companies are hungry for information on how to access, utilize and take full advantage of cloud computing. We’ve shown countless IT managers how migrating to the cloud makes sense for their enterprise, regardless of its size.

With big data the rule rather than the exception, and the amount of data stored growing exponentially by the day, our vendors appreciate the unique perspective we bring to the industry. Cloud Expo West gave us the opportunity — once again — to stress the importance of moving data to the cloud and hybrid cloud. Our IBM Power Linux Production enables enterprises to do more with their data, from monitoring and management to manipulation and migration.

Our thanks to all who contributed to making Cloud Expo West a resounding success!