In our last blog post, we compared Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with other cloud computing models.  Today, we are discussing why IaaS is becoming a popular way for businesses of all sizes and in all industries to manage their IT environments.

Essentially, IaaS enables organizations to rent an IT infrastructure from a service provider rather than purchasing the technology and hosting it internally.  There are many advantages to this computing model, including:

  • No Capital Investments – Using the service provider’s servers, storage and networking hardware that is located in their secure off-site data center, there is no need to make capital investments in a computing infrastructure, maintenance or office space to store the equipment.  Most IaaS solutions are offered using a "pay-as-you-go" subscription-based plan that allows users to only pay for what they need at that time.
  • Expand as You Grow – By paying for only what you need and leveraging the infrastructure of the service provider, IaaS allows organizations to scale as they grow and even scale back if they downsize or have seasonal changes in their operations.
  • Flexible Options – No two organizations have the identical computing requirements and keeping up with ever-changing needs can be challenging.  With IaaS, organizations can choose the computing power and storage capacity that fits their specific needs at that time.
  • Focus on What You Do Best – By relying on the service provider’s team of experts to handle all of your computing infrastructure needs, your organization can focus on what you do best and your internal IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day maintenance. 
  • Latest and Greatest Technology – Hosting infrastructures for hundreds or thousands of organizations, IaaS providers must keep up with the constant changes in technology to best serve their clients.  They are able to offer more advanced technologies than what most organizations would be able to afford or manage in house. 
  • Get Started Immediately – The IaaS provider already has an infrastructure in place, enabling organizations to easily get their computing environment up and running in the cloud.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access – With your computing infrastructure in the cloud, you are able to access your computing infrastructure via a simple Internet connection.
  • Tight Security Controls – Hosting systems for multiple organizations, IaaS providers must have tight security measures in place to ensure that their customers’ infrastructures are protected from potential breaches. 

There are many reasons that it makes sense for organizations to turn their infrastructure over to the cloud; however, finding the right service provider is a big part of the success of moving to this model.  Choosing a reliable vendor that offers the features and functionality at the right price point is essential. 

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