For years businesses believed that adopting a business continuity and DR program was beyond their budget. Yet business owners and IT Directors need to ask themselves one simple question: “Can we afford NOT to have such a plan in place to protect our data?” Thanks to technological advances resulting in more efficient data protection, Disaster Recovery is now more affordable than ever. Cloud-based data recovery has changed the entire landscape; now companies can take definitive measures to protect their information — and do so affordably and effectively.

New cloud-based recovery programs can be instituted with small monthly payments, rather than being saddled with a huge lump-sum capital expense. And a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option means greater affordability; you pay only for the services you use. Cloud-based DR lets you adopt security as you need it. And because data is stored at various sites, you’re less vulnerable to data loss.

In this informational series, we’ll explore the cost-savings of the three major options for recovery: Vaulting; Journaling and Real-time Replication; and SAN-to-SAN Replication. We’ll provide in-depth information on the benefits and cost-savings of instituting effective data recovery in the cloud.

Curious about a disaster recovery program for you business? It’s now more affordable than ever. Contact a Secure Infrastructre & Services representative today.

Disaster Recovery White Paper