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MIMIX for PowerHA

MIMIX for PowerHA is a complementary solution that enhances IBM PowerHA protection and audits for conditions that could impact switch operations. When paired with MIMIX® Availability, MIMIX for PowerHA also extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query, and data distribution purposes.

Today’s businesses have no tolerance for data loss and no time for downtime. Customers, partners, and employees require continuous availability, and industry regulations and service level agreements stipulate increasingly strict performance requirements that carry penalties for non-compliance. Businesses using IBM PowerHA for i need a complementary solution that ensures all data and applications are fully protected from loss and from all forms of downtime. MIMIX for PowerHA provides this complementary protection.

Key benefits

  • Ensures protection of all data and applications
  • Supports multiple backups
  • Lets you further leverage the value of your data
  • Improves your availability readiness


Whether performing a hardware refresh, storage reorganization, data center consolidation, or cloud adoption, migrations play an important role in keeping your data center up to date, efficient, and productive. MIMIX® Move blends Vision Solutions’ powerful replication technology for IBM i with expert professional services to perform those migrations painlessly and with near-zero downtime.

Platform-independent, real-time replication allows you to perform efficient migrations to physical, virtual, or cloud servers – while business operations continue on your production server. Only minutes of downtime are required for the cutover. Relying upon the experience and expertise of migration specialists from Vision Solutions, or one of its business partners, reduces internal resource strain and ensures a reliable, efficient migration.

Key benefits

  • Minimizes migration downtime
  • Mitigates business and IT migration risks
  • Enables server reorganization and modernization to physical, virtual, and cloud platforms with differing hardware, storage, or operating system versions
  • Reduces IT resource burden and overtime costs involved with traditional migration methods
  • Minimizes the chance of error by relying on the expertise of Vision Solutions’ services experts

Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX

Easy, cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery

Double-Take® RecoverNow for AIX provides reliable, affordable disaster recovery for your applications and data. Real-time replication, coupled with true continuous data protection (CDP) technology, delivers near-instantaneous recovery of data from any point in time at the push of a button, allowing you to meet strict compliance requirements and a wide range of service level agreements (SLAs) related to data loss.

Key benefits

  • Protects your data and applications with real-time replication
  • Allows push-button recovery to any point in time
  • Simplifies disaster recovery management
  • Enables protection in environments with mixed storage and operating system versions, and any combination of local or remote physical, virtual, or cloud platforms
  • Integrates with IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX to add offsite disaster recovery protection and point-in-time recovery to a high availability environment
  • Provides an affordable data protection and disaster recovery solution 

Double-Take Availability for AIX

Easy, complete and automated high availability for your business

Double-Take® Availability for AIX is the easiest business continuity solution in the marketplace for IBM Power Systems running AIX. Continuous monitoring and automated failover to both local and remote nodes provide true high availability for both physical and virtual AIX environments. Powerful real-time replication, combined with full-featured continuous data protection (CDP), protects your data and ensures its rapid recovery, regardless of the mix of applications and storage. Added return on investment is delivered by access to the secondary copy of your data for tape backup, reporting, maintenance, testing, and more — all without any interruption to your business operations.

Key benefits

  • Delivers high availability and disaster recovery affordably
  • Real time replication, combined with full-featured continuous data protection (CDP), minimizes downtime and protects against data loss
  • New! Reduces human error, speeds recoveries, and enforces best practices through the use of built-in, automated procedures
  • Supports mixed hardware, storage, and operating system versions to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Protects data and application availability in local or remote physical, virtual, or cloud environments

iTERA Availability

Simple HA/DR for small and medium-size businesses running IBM i

iTERA® Availability for IBM i gives your small or medium-size business the protection it needs to keep running 24/7 and eliminates the risk of lost data. Reliable and simple to use, this high availability solution is designed to put nonstop business continuity well within your grasp.

Key benefits

  • Virtually eliminates planned and unplanned downtime
  • Replicates your production environment to a backup server in real time with zero data loss
  • Protects virtually any SMB application environment, including virtual environments
  • Allows you to validate your HA readiness without impacting the production server
  • Requires only minutes a day to manage using the familiar green screen interface
  • Keeps your applications and data available and your business productive